Infinity Science Center

Unity3D with C#

Shows water temperature map, high pressure, low pressure, user defined hurricane path, with affected areas
  • This interactive was created while working at RLMG.
  • I was the only software developer on this interactive.
  • Located in Pearlington, MS.
  • This application has two parts – three individual, touch-enabled user input stations with hurricane simulators, and a central hurricane station.
Challenge hurricane Irene – attempt to match strength, conditions, water temperature and hits.
  • These hurricane simulators have real world water temperature data maps, weather, and pressure data. The user is given the option to walk through a tutorial or directly jump into simulating a hurricane.
Name your successful hurricane!
  • By manipulating and choosing the ideal conditions, user can test their hurricane and if they are successful in creating one that matches the challenge, they can name them. This makes each hurricane unique in its conditions and path.
  • The hurricane simulators are connected to the central display using a local network, and any successful hurricane is sent to it, where it plays out in all it’s destructive glory, for all visitors to see.
  • This interactive is one of a group of projects done by RLMG, for the museum.



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