National Music Center

Unity3D with C#

Children having fun by manipulating the volume, pan, tone and delay in the stem tracks, of a popular song, while watching it’s visualization react in real time
  • This project was created while working at RLMG.
  • I was the only software developer on this project. Early on, in the design phase, I made prototypes, which steered the design, to utilize Unity3D’s powerful particle system to visualize the songs.
  • Located in Calgary, Canada.
Song stem tracks visualization
  • This application gives the user an option to load a particular song from a list. These songs have been split up into their stem tracks and visualized.
Users using the ‘mixing-board’ to manipulate stem track visualizations
  • The application then prompts the user to use a MIDI board as input and interprets the data to display variations in visualization of music matrices like volume, pan, bass/treble and echo.
  • The user has complete control over manipulating the volume, pan, bass/treble and echo of the songs, and can have fun by changing or completely switching off the visualization for any stem track.
  • This interactive is part of a group of projects done by RLMG, for the museum. Link to the complete exhibit can be found here.



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