Hanika Karkhanis

Project Portfolio

The National Fossil Hall @ Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

  • Worked as a developer on multi-touch enabled applications titled:
    • Evolution In Action
    • How Dinosaurs Eat?
  • These applications are built in Unity3D and C#.
  • How Dinosaurs Eat? is an interactive application containing 3D-scanned-reconstructed skulls from four distinct dinosaurs. The application gives the user a glimpse into skull structures of these dinosaurs, as well as a chance to “feed” them various types of plants, fruits and meat, to learn about their eating habits.
  • Evolution In Action is an interactive application containing beautiful animations of early evolution in moonsnails and seastars. The application aims to educate about the various environmental and non-environmental factors that lead to the development of different features in said creatures.
  • These interactive applications were built as a part of a project while working at RLMG.