Hanika Karkhanis

Project Portfolio

History Museum on the Square

  • Worked as a developer on applications titled:
    • Transportation Game
    • Digital Signage
  • These applications are built in Unity3D and C#.
  • Transportation Game is a gaming application that resides in an actual sized train car.
    • Using a physical controller panel to navigate, the user can choose to make the journey from St Louis to Springfield via a horse-drawn carriage, a steam engine or a station wagon.
    • The user has to fight villains and avoid obstacles while rescuing innocents.
  • Digital Signage are multiple 4K information displays, with updatable content. Their main aim is to display the latest events and happenings at the museum. They are networked to a CMS, and are completely updatable.
  • These interactive applications were built as a part of a project while working at RLMG.