Hanika Karkhanis

Project Portfolio

National Law Enforcement Museum

  • Worked as a developer on multi-touch enabled applications titled:
    • Crime Solver
    • Medical Examiner
    • Squad Car Exterior
  • These applications are built in Unity3D and C#.
  • Crime Solver is a multi-touch enabled interactive application. It lets the user solve three crimes using clues, images and video footage taken from real crime scenes. It aims at teaching about the process of solving crimes.
  • Medical Examiner is a multi-touch interactive application which lets the user play the role of a virtual medical examiner and investigate the different parts of dead body, to find clues.
  • Squad Car Exterior is a multi touch enabled interactive application. It contains a 3D-scanned-reconstructed model of a real squad car.
    • The 3D car can be rotated and the different parts display additional information in the form of image or videos.
    • The application also communicates with an external physical Squad Car Model sitting in the exhibit space.
    • This gives the users a chance to play with the different lights and sirens.
  • These interactive applications were built as a part of a project while working at RLMG.