Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Flash with AS3

Building Communities – Title page is a touch enabled horizontal scroller which shows  the different states of Canada and the communities that immigrated there.
  • This project was created while working at RLMG.
  • I programmed the applications named Building Communities and Take The Customs Challenge. Both applications were bilingual – English and French and could be toggled at any time.
  • Located in Halifax, Canada.
Building Communities showing playable video content, audio content, high resolution images.
  • Building Communities has dynamic and updatable content coming in from a CMS in the form of Json which is then parsed in appropriate types – video, audio of image.
Customs Challenge – choose a persona to immigrate as
  • The Take a Customs Challenge Interactive is a touch enabled experience based on Canadian immigration practices and history.
Customs Challenge – Select your favorite items to take with you on your immigration journey
  • It includes touch and drag functionality in the form of packing a trunk fro your journey.
Customs Challenge – Some of your items were allowed
  • Some of the items packed by the user are seized at immigration while others pass. The interactive contains smart logic to recognize items that need to be seized.
  • This interactive is part of a group of projects done by RLMG, for the museum. Link to complete exhibit can be found here.